Special publications

BIR special publications are curated collections of independent articles, published recently in BIR journals, on a specific theme or topic. Bringing these impactful and insightful articles together, into a curated set with a specific focus, provides our clinical and research community with a great opportunity to view this content in one easy-to-access collection.


Breast Imaging

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Breast imaging is a vital tool in the armoury to combat breast cancer and this BIR special publication brings together a variety of insightful BJR articles on this theme. This curated collection includes original research, a review article and opinion pieces, each published independently in BJR over recent months, on different aspects of breast imaging. It is essential reading for anyone with a professional interest in this important topic. Click on the image to download and save your own copy.



BIR breast imaging special publication


Siemens Mammomat

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