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General questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a web-based seminar or workshop that you can access from your desktop or mobile device. The BIR hosts both live webinars, which takes place at a specific time and is also recorded and posted on to our online learning library later, as well as recorded webinars which are pre-recorded and put directly onto the online learning library so you can have access at any time. Live webinars give participants the ability to discuss information in real time without the time or travel costs associated with face-to-face training events.

The BIR provides topical, monthly webinars which cover a variety of radiology, oncology or non-clinical skills. Scheduled webinars and events are listed together on the Event and webinar calendar

Most webinars are usually 60 minutes long, which includes time for questions and interaction.


What is the difference between a webinar and virtual event?

A webinar is an up to an hour long educational offering usually delivered by one presenter on a single subject or topic. Webinars can be sponsored by a corporate member and are free to register and available on-demand to BIR members after the event. Webinars provide 1 CPD point.

A virtual event can be several hours or spread across several ‘sessions’ or days and is delivered by multiple presenters on various topics. Virtual events can be sponsored by multiple organisations and involve more interactivity than webinars with a host and question moderator as well as providing delegates the opportunity to speak and interact with sponsors via a sponsorship chat box and/or breakout rooms. Virtual events provide a minimum of 3 CPD points and are only freely available after the event to those who have registered for the event (unless otherwise stated).


How do I register for a webinar?

BIR webinars are free of charge and can only be booked online. Please visit the BIR Event and webinar calendar to view webinar listings. To participate in a live webinar, you have to register.

In order to register for the webinar you must first create a MyBIR portal. This is a free account with the BIR which will allow you to register for webinars and to retrieve receipts and CPD certificates. Once this is created, you can then register onto the webinar.

If you have registered for a BIR webinar/event in the past and already have a MyBIR portal you can login to your account first and select the “Register now” button. You do not need to be a member of BIR to register for a webinar. Once you have registered you should receive a confirmation email with your personal login details. If you do not receive a confirmation email for the webinar then your registration has not gone through and you may need to try again. If you are having issues registering for a webinar please contact webinar@bir.org.uk


What is "GMT" and “BST”?

We are located in London, UK. "GMT" stands for Greenwich Mean Time. "BST" stands for British Summer Time (GMT+1).


How do I claim CPD points for live webinars and virtual events?

BIR webinars are accredited for 1 CPD point per one hour webinar by the Royal College of Radiologists. Virtual event CPD credits varies by event and will be allocated accordingly as per the event programme and webpage.  If you participate in a live webinar or virtual event, you will receive an email 2-3 working days after the event with further information and instructions of how to retrieve your CPD certificate. Usually you will be able to download your CPD certificate from your MyBIR portal by:

  • Log into your MyBIR portal
  • Select “Education” from the top navigation bar
  • Select “My events” from the dropdown menu
  • Your certificate can be found under “My past events and webinars


How can I watch a webinar or virtual event on demand?

If you are registered but are unable to watch the live webinar or virtual event at the scheduled time, you can access the webinar on demand in the Online Learning Library 2-3 working days after the live recording. A link to watch the recording of the webinar will be emailed to you 2-3 days after the live webinar has taken place.

All previous on demand webinars are listed in the Online Learning Library. You must be a BIR member or have been registered for the live webinar or virtual event to access these webinars, with the exception of sponsored webinars, which are freely accessible to all.  

NOTE: All our virtual events are recorded and talks will be made available on-demand to view later where speaker(s) have given their consent.


How do I claim CPD points for on demand webinars and virtual events and submit my self-reflection form?

If you view a webinar or virtual event on demand, you may claim CPD points by completing and submitting the self-reflection form on the video page. The submission of the form is a robust system, only counting on the characters you have written to give you permission to submit. Please note, once you have reached the 200 character requirement for each answer in each box, the “Submit” button will turn dark green and can be selected.


Can I live stream a webinar to my local professional group?

If you would like your institution to stream a live webinars to a single location, where everyone can enjoy the broadcast on a large screen with a good sound system, please email the webinar team for further information about this service. We encourage this as it can stimulate social cognitive group learning amongst teams in the institution.


Can I live stream a virtual event to my local professional group?

If you would like your institution to stream a live virtual event to a single location, where everyone can enjoy the broadcast on a shared screen we can offer a group viewing package. We encourage this as it can stimulate social cognitive group learning amongst teams in the institution. We recommend a large screen with a good sound system. Please contact the events team at conference@bir.org.uk for more information.


Can I watch a virtual event with a colleague or friend and receive CPD?

When you register for a virtual event you are provided an individual login URL and login ID which should be used solely by the person who is registered. Each person who would like to attend or watch the event and receive CPD will need to register with their own details. It is against our virtual events terms and conditions to share your login URL or login link with anyone. If you would like to watch a virtual event with multiple people and all receive CPD certificates we can offer a group viewing package or a group registration discount depending on your needs. Please get in contact with our events team at conference@bir.org.uk for more information.


Can I watch a live webinar with a colleague or friend and receive CPD?

If you watch a live webinar with your colleagues, the person who registered and logged into the webinar will need to email the webinar team with the names and email addresses of the people who also participated in the webinar. If you already have a MyBIR portal, we can issue the certificate immediately. If you do not have a MyBIR portal, you will need to create a free account before we can issue you with a certificate for participation.

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Technical questions

What equipment do I need to participate in a live webinar?

We recommend using a desktop/laptop computer with speakers (built-in or USB headset), running Windows or Mac OSX, with Flash player 13 or later installed, preferably using a wired internet connection.

It’s usually better if you have a wired rather than wireless connection.  Wireless and mobile connections may have audio/picture delays and interference which can cause loss of sound/picture quality.

Interactivity is one of the important benefits of a live webinar. If your internet connection is slow or intermittent, you may not get all the content in real time or be able to use the chat function in good time for the presenter to notice and respond to your question before moving on to the next topic.


I have issues watching on a mobile/tablet?

Mobile devices (smart phones and tablets running iOS or Android) require the Adobe Connect Mobile app, which is available to download free from the Apple store and Google Play. Once the app has downloaded you will need to access the link in your browser again from your webinar confirmation email and select ‘Open mobile AdobeConnect’ in the browser to automatically open the app.

Please note: If you are watching on a 4G connection, it may take a long time for the content to load. Mobile attendees have reduced functionality compared with participants using a desktop or laptop computer.

Please note: Mobile users will not be able to access the sponsor virtual booth on the same device whilst watching the live virtual event. To access the sponsor virtual booth you will need to use another, separate device. If you are a Mac users, you will need to enable Flash in your browser settings to be able to access more than one sponsor booth through your browser during the live virtual event.





How do I log in to the live webinar?

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your personal login details.  You will need to open the link to Adobe Connect and enter the email address that you registered with. Always test your connections 30 minutes before the webinar is due to start.

Audio for the webinar will be streamed via your computer speakers. Make sure that your computer speakers are on and test your system to see if you can receive audio.

It is difficult for us to help with individual technical problems once the webinar is in progress so please leave sufficient time to read instructions and do the appropriate checks beforehand.


I have connection problems after I access the login link

If the link provided in your confirmation email does not load we suggest you try using a different browser (for example Chrome or Firefox). If this does not work, it may be your local IT settings and it maybe that the NHS firewall has blocked the link.

Please note: If you are registering with a NHS email address, it does not mean that you are not able to access the webinar link. It is the IT settings of the location that you are accessing the webinar that may have an impact on your connection.


Can I ask questions during the live webinar?

As an attendee, you can ask the presenter questions using the interactive chat box where you can post questions and comments to the organisers, presenters and your fellow attendees. Please only use the chat box for questions to the presenter during the designated time as it can be distracting to the presenters and other attendees of the webinar. If you are having technical problems please email the webinar team.


Any other questions and technical problems

Please contact webinar@bir.org.uk


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