PET-CT webinar series

Our PET-CT webinar series gives you in depth information about the trends in the field, presented by international pioneers.

Note: The views expressed in the presentations are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of the BIR or the other involved institutions

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 Take a look at our titles below:

Normal variants and pitfalls in FDG/PET imaging

Professor Gary Cook explains the  role of 18FDG/PET in medical imaging.

Theranostics in prostate cancer

Professor Hossein Jadvar looks at advances in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.                     

Molecular imaging and therapy of lymphoma

Professor Eric M Rohren talks about the molecular approach for understanding and treating lymphomas.

PET-CT in lung cancer staging

Professor Klaus Strobel explains how PET-CT has revolutionised lung cancer diagnosis.

PET-CT in head and neck cancer

Professor Tim Van Den Wyngaert talks about new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of these rare forms of cancer

PET-CT in multiple myeloma

Dr Cristina Nanni examines the role of PET-CT technology in diagnosis and therapy of multiple myeloma.

Evolving Role of PET Imaging in Managing Patients with Infection and Inflammation

Professor Abass Alavi looks at the ever increasing new roles for PET-CT besides oncology 

PET-CT In urological malignancy

Professor Stefano Fanti examines trends in the use of PET-CT for imaging prostate cancer.

PET-CT in cardiology

Professor Sharmila Dorbala explains the role of PET-CT in cardiology.

PET-CT in brain tumor imaging

Dr Egesta Lopci describes the use of PET-CT in brain tumor imaging

PET-CT in Paediatrics

Professor Helen Nadal gives a presentation about PET-CT in paediatrics

FDG PET-CT: Post Treatment Appearances

Dr Tara Barwick discusses post treatment appearances in FDG PET-CT

PET-CT in Gastroesophageal Malignancy

A presentation by Dr Teresa Szyszko's on PET-CT in Gastroesophageal Malignancy

Rubidium-82 PET Imaging Science and practice

Dr Parthiban Arumugam's presentation as part of our PET-CT webinar series.

PET-CT in Breast Cancer

Professor Tim Van den Wyngaert's presentation as part of our PET-CT webinar series

PET-CT in Gynaelogical Cancers

Dr Tara Barwick discusses PET-CT in Gynaelogical Cancers

Fapi Imaging Science and Practice

Dr Kumar Kallur's presentation as part of our PET-CT webinar series

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