Who you might meet

Here is a quick explanation of the different members of staff you might meet when you attend for your X-ray appointment or Radiotherapy treatment:

In the X-ray or radiology department


A doctor who specialises in the use of imaging equipment and techniques to produce images of parts of the body from which they can diagnose injury or disease.  In addition they may use imaging equipment to undertake a range of procedures to treat certain conditions such as unblocking narrow blood vessels in the heart.

Diagnostic Radiographer

A healthcare professional qualified to use a range of equipment and techniques to produce images of the body to diagnose injury or disease. They may work alone or as part of a healthcare team with radiologists, nurses and other health professionals. The radiographer mainly works in the diagnostic imaging department but may also carry out imaging procedures in Accident and Emergency, the operating theatre or on the wards.

In the radiotherapy department


A doctor who specialises in the treatment of cancer using radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.  They work closely with therapeutic radiographers and medical physicists as well as other health professionals to prescribe the appropriate radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment for each patient depending on their type of cancer.

Therapeutic Radiographer

A healthcare professional qualified in the planning and delivery of a prescribed radiotherapy treatment using a range of equipment and techniques. They work in the radiotherapy department and work as part of a multi-disciplinary team with medical physicists and oncologist. The radiographer will see a patient over an extended period of time as they visit the radiotherapy department for their course of radiotherapy treatment.

Medical Physicist

A healthcare professional who takes the lead in commissioning equipment, as well as its calibration, safe use and maintenance.  They may work in diagnostic imaging or radiotherapy departments and have an important role in ensuring the radiation protection of patients and staff.  In radiotherapy they will be involved in planning the treatment for patients using a range of equipment and supervising the dose of radiation needed to treat a cancer patient


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