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Emergency Fellowship

Date: 15–19 June 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

The fellowship is offered to a small, selected group, to enhance the interaction. It is designed for general radiologists reporting emergency cases or wishing to embark on a subspecialization path. While the program will be adjusted as much as possible to meet the participants’ expectations and needs (including selection of lectures), the mentor will endeavour to encompass a broad spectrum of non-traumatic emergencies of the adult patient.

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Radiation protection training course

Date: 15–19 June 2020

The course will provide the theoretical background and training necessary for the radiological protection requirements of both ionising and non-ionising radiations used in hospitals. The main four-day module covers the following subject areas: radiation risks, dosimetry, biological effects, instrumentation, legislation, transport, emergencies, and safe practice in the medical uses of ionising radiations.

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Lisbon Masterclass on Prostate Cancer – LisPro

Date: 19–20 June 2020

Venue: Hotel Olissippo Oriente, Lisbon

This meeting brings together some of the most distinguished international experts on the field of prostate cancer, along with Portuguese specialists of Urology, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Pathology. The scientific program was specially designed to provide, in just 2 days, a condensed review of the most recent guidelines, hot topics and recent advances on prostate cancer addressed at EAU, AUA, ASCO, ASTRO, ESMO, NCCN and ESTRO meetings

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BSER Sheffield 2020

Date: 24–25 June 2020

Venue: Millennium Gallery Sheffield

We  are  excited  to  welcome  renowned  speakers  from  around  the  world  including representatives from the American Society of Emergency Radiology, African Society of Radiology, Australian and New Zealand Emergency Radiology Group, Indian Society of Emergency Radiology and ESER. Also some well known faces from the UK including Dr Vikas Shah (#thexraydoctor), Dr John Curtis (BSER President), Dr Elizabeth Dick (ESER President) & Dr Caren Landes (BSER Vice President).

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MRI knee: Imaging of meniscal and ACL tears Webinar

Date: 25 June 2020, 4:00pm­-5:30pm (BST)

This webinar is aimed at radiology consultants and trainees, and will look to examine cases of challenging MRI appearances of meniscal and anterior cruciate ligament tears in pre and post-operation. Participants will be provided with case studies prior to the webinar, which will then be reviewed together with a musculoskeletal radiology expert in an interactive setting.

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Future of bladder cancer

Date: 2 July 2020

Venue: The Christie Hospital, Manchester

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the advances in imaging, treatment and rare variants of bladder cancer. There will be the opportunity to take part in a contouring session before finishing off the day with a debate on the proposal: this house believes radiotherapy can cure non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

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SMRT 29th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Date: 7-10 August 2020

Venue: Paris, France

Join ISMRM & SMRT in beautiful Paris, France in August for our 2020 Annual Meetings.  Connect with our vibrant, collaborative, international and interdisciplinary family of MR clinicians, physicists, engineers, biochemists, radiographers and technologists and industry professionals.

Come for the meeting to share and network as we continue to push to advance the impact and reach of magnetic resonance in medicine – and then stay for the beauty and culture of Paris!

We’ll see you in Paris | On se voit à Paris

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ISMRM 28th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Date: 08-13 August 2020

Venue: Paris, France

Join ISMRM & SMRT in beautiful Paris, France in August for our 2020 Annual Meetings.  Connect with our vibrant, collaborative, international and interdisciplinary family of MR clinicians, physicists, engineers, biochemists, radiographers and technologists and industry professionals.

Come for the meeting to share and network as we continue to push to advance the impact and reach of magnetic resonance in medicine – and then stay for the beauty and culture of Paris!

We’ll see you in Paris | On se voit à Paris

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Abdominal and Pelvic MRI Fellowship

Date: 24–28 August 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

The principle part of the education will be case-based study with direct feedback. The participants will be asked about their expectations and needs. Coverage of whole abdomen will be provided, however the course program will be adjusted as much as possible based on what the participants’ wishes.

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ISMRM Workshop on Motion Detection & Correction

Date: 31 August–3 September 2020

Venue: Oxford, UK

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Breast MRI and beyond

Date: 31 August–4 September 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

This fellowship will include from the basics till the advanced knowledge of breast MRI. All relevant clinical cases would contain the patient’s initial digital mammography and breast ultrasound images – based on them, the diagnostics would be completed by breast MRI, and biopsy results, if applicable.

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Musculoskeletal MRI Fellowship

Date: 7–11 September 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

The MSK fellowship that TMC academy offers includes an overview of the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, wrist, ankle joints in modules covering the morning or afternoon. Each module starts with a lecture. You will be challenged with an examination and after the lecture we continue with individual case readings from the TMC academy teaching file.

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General Neuroradiology Fellowship

Date: 14–18 September 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

The fellowship is designed for general radiologists reporting neuroradiology cases or wishing to embark on a subspecialized path. Coverage of the entire field of diagnostic neuroradiology will be provided, while the program will be adjusted as much as possible according to the participants’ expectations and needs (including selection of lectures).

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Adaptive Radiotherapy Study Day: Setting up a Service

Date: 21 September 2020

Venue: The Christie School of Oncology, Manchester

Join us for a brand new study day run by international experts in the field. Delegates will gain knowledge of the practicalities of setting up an adaptive radiotherapy service and gain a foundation of the skills and knowledge required by radiotherapy teams in setting up a service.

What to expect:

Case based presentations and interactive sessions describing:

- Evidence base for adaptation

- Current and future adaptive radiotherapy strategies

- Resources needed

Target Audience:

- Radiotherapy radiographers, Doctors, Physicists, Students and Radiotherapy service managers

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ERASMUS Basic MRI Physics 2020

Date:  21­-25 September 2020

Venue:  Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee

This one-week ERASMUS module provides delegates with a sound understanding of the basic physics of MRI. The course format includes lectures and supervised tutorial Q/A sessions – covering everything from basic NMR, T1 and T2, through to advanced neuro, body and cardiovascular applications.  No previous knowledge of MR physics is assumed.  Two social events are also included as part of the registration fee. The University of Dundee will award a certificate to successful candidates, and 20 CME credits will be applied for.  A full course programme can be found at: www.emricourse.org/basic_2020.html.

Further Information

Liver Fellowship

Date: 21–25 September 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

During this fellowship CT/MR technique as well as the different pathologies of the liver will be shown, in an interactive way, trying to illustrate the best technique according to the different clinical fields. Special emphasis will be given to CT and MR, especially liver specific MR contrast media.

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ISMRM Workshop on Low Field MRI

Date: 28–30 September 2020

Venue: John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, USA

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20th International Cancer Imaging Society Meeting “Concepts in Cancer Imaging”

Date: 29 September–1 October 2020

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, London


Abstract deadline: 3 April

High quality lectures from our world class Faculty.  Refresh your knowledge and learn about cutting-edge developments:

•             75 individual talks over three-days

•             Bring your knowledge into practice in workstation based teaching in our hands-on workshops

•             Experience the role of cancer imaging in multidisciplinary interaction: treatment selection, early response prediction and treatment adaptation

•             Learn how big data initiatives are changing the future of cancer imaging: radiogenomics, machine learning and AI

Further information

PCNL Masterclass

Date: 5–6 October 2020

Venue: Newcastle Surgical Training Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

This PCNL Masterclass offers a two day programme that focuses on techniques used when performing PCNL. The Masterclass is comprised of didactic presentations, live case observation and hands on training in a cadaver lab. It is an excellent learning opportunity to build PCNL related skills through practice on fresh frozen cadavers. Training is provided from an experienced faculty.

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Dates: 5–7 October 2020

Venue: The ACC Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

This three-day conference will run four dedicated radiology and oncology lecture streams, two workshop streams and three outstanding plenary lectures. Our abstract competitions are held as part of RCR2020 and submissions are open until Monday 6 April 2020, to submit your abstract please visit our website.

Further information

ISMRM Workshop on Diffusion MRI: From Research to Clinic

Date: 10–14 October 2020

Venue: Sheraton, Peru

Further information

Neuroanatomy for Imagers

Date: 15 October 2020

Venue: King’s College London, St Thomas' Hospital, London

The course has been designed for people working in imaging but with no neuroanatomical background. It will introduce participants to the basic principles of the anatomy, the function of the nervous system, the major anatomical constituents and parts of the brain.

Professor Alexander Hammers has received excellent feedback.

The course will include lectures, it is based on 180 slides but is highly interactive. Expect to be involved!

Further information


Prostate Cancer MRI Fellowship

Date: 19–23 October 2020

Venue: Carrer Marina, Bercelona, Spain

The program covers all the main topics related to MRI of prostate cancer and provides basic and early advanced knowledge. Radiologists (to-be) who would like to become more confident on reporting prostate MRI will find the fellowship useful.

Further information

ISMRM Workshop on Cancer Imaging: From Discovery to Diagnosis

Date: 1­–4 November 2020

Venue: Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, USA

Further information

ICIS Masterclass in Prostate Cancer *2nd edition 

Date: 5 November 2020 

Venue: London, UK

Learning objectives:

• Understand the prostate patient’s journey from suspected cancer to the advanced disease state using the framework of definable clinical states.

• Know in detail the pathologic states, problems of categorisation and clinical needs of patients in each clinical state in the prostate cancer pathway.

• Understand how imaging can help meet clinical priorities, promoting the personalisation of care in the advancing prostate cancer pathway.

• Show how next generation prostate imaging (multiparametric MRI & MR-directed biopsies) and whole body assessments (WB-MRI & PET/CT) with clinical biomarkers, create opportunities to support and refine management pathways of patients.

Further information

Case based and interactive: Head and neck imaging

Date: 13 November 2020

Venue: Cavendish Conference Centre, London

This study day will provide an opportunity to learn about head and neck imaging using interactive methods. It will be suitable for trainees and consultants who would like to improve their head and neck radiology skills. Presentations by experienced head and neck radiologists will include a series of cases, and then audience will be invited to vote on the answers to questions posed.

Further information

Swiss Congress of Radiology - SCR'21

Date: 24-26 June 2021

Venue: Congress Centre Davos, Switzerland

SCR is the biggest radiological scientific & educational meeting in Switzerland. It is organised by the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR), the Swiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (SGNM-SSMN) and the Swiss Association of Radiographers (SVMTRA-ASTRM). SCR consists of refresher courses, plenary sessions with lectures by national and international speakers, scientific sessions, ultrasound workshops, as well as a poster and industry exhibition.

Language: English.

Further Information

Electrical requirements for the electrical installation of medical radiological equipment

The course will consider the radiological aspects of the 2017 DH guidance “HTM06-01 Electrical services supply and distribution”. The new guidance has been re-structured and is more clearly split into two major policies – business risk and patient risk.  The requirements of this document need to be understood when a new radiology room is purchased especially that from now on, electrical installations compliance management will now be measured under the NHS Performance Assessment Model (PAM).

The course is for experienced project managers, medical and x-ray engineers and focuses on the relevant points for medical radiological installations.  There is a summary session at the beginning of the course that other healthcare staff may wish to attend in order to attain a brief overview of the new document.  This summary session would be aimed at radiographers and medical physics experts who are involved with medical radiological equipment purchasing and commissioning, and will explain the new policies and gives reference to the relevant sections of the guidance.

This short course is intended to be run at the customer’s site at their convenience.  

For further information please visit: http://medical-locations.co.uk/


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