Self reflection for CPD

What is self-reflection and how can it help you?

As a healthcare professional, you will be regulated by the GMC or HCPC and will also be members of your professional body – IPEM, RCR or SCoR. You will be required to undertake CPD and maintain records of your activities to demonstrate the knowledge and/or skills gained that may be relevant to your employability and promotion, as well as for verification or audit purposes.

Self-reflection is a way of demonstrating the understanding and application of new knowledge and professional skills. Healthcare professionals can use self-reflection to provide a permanent and accessible record of knowledge and / or skills they have gained that may be used as evidence to support CPD.

The BIR education programme provides several ways to learn that will assist health professionals with their CPD, including a variety of online activities in this section of the website. Currently we offer online lectures, postercasts (poster plus podcast), webinars and presentations, in addition to our long-running annual programme of scientific meetings, events and short courses.

To record CPD you will be required to collect credit points for your professional development. For some professionals, there is a shift away from point collecting as a measure of CPD and a move towards self-reflection in relation to an individual’s professional development objectives and performance review. 

To collect CPD points

We will issue a certificate of attendance / participation to each delegate who participates in one of our educational activities and where relevant we will apply for RCR credits for the radiology members. Members undertaking any BIR educational activity will be encouraged to reflect upon the learning undertaken and identify the benefits they have gained in relation to their professional development objectives and use this self-reflection towards the CPD requirements of their professional and regulatory bodies.

Self-reflection tool

To assist members with their self-reflection we have developed a simple form (word document) available for download that can be completed and filed along with certificates and other materials relating to the educational activity.

Download the self reflection form here


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