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What is a video course?

Online education, accessible from any device at any time. Each narrated video is divided into short sessions, including illustrations, animation, live action, and recorded interviews.
This style of learning is ideal for you as a busy professional. You can complete the training at any time and on any device - to fit in with your schedule.


These step-by-step courses are designed to hold your attention and keep you engaged using a mix of approaches which add variety and stimulate interest.

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Using proven educational techniques to ensure the knowledge sticks, each session is followed by multiple choice questions to reinforce and test knowledge so that it can be directly applied to practice.

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BIR video courses deliver learning you can apply directly to your work, helping you and your team get up to speed with mandatory or essential knowledge for safe and effective professional practice.


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Who are they for?
Designed for all members of the imaging and radiation oncology team including radiographers, radiologists, oncologists, physicists, technicians, technologists and others.

What happens afterwards?

After successfully completing a multiple choice assessment, you will receive a certificate for your CPD portfolio. Accreditation will be awarded upon completion.

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