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The BIR Young Professionals and Trainee (YPAT) SIG is a dynamic and innovated group of talented and inspirational individuals, carefully selected from the multidisciplinary trainee community through open meritocratic competition. The YPAT includes radiologists, radiographers, medical scientists and medical students. [Images above: the group hard at work and planning at the BIR offices]

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Future of Radiology Essay Prize

We are delighted to announce the winner of the new essay competition - Dr Michael Murray. Please go to Prizes & Awards - Future of Radiology Essay Prize - to see Michael receiving his award at the conference on 11 December, and read his excellent essay on 'The role of the radiologist in 2040'.

Latest News from the SIG - November 2017:

Jim ZhongThe SIG extended a big thank you to Dr Nassim Parvizi, Chair of the group since May 2016, who will now hand over to Dr Jim Zhong, a specialist registrar in radiology working in Leeds. (photo left). Read the interview with Jim here.

It is an exciting time for the BIR and the YPAT group, with a drive to launch new e-learning units as part of a recent strategy review. This is an opportunity for open SIG members to get involved and suggest topics or resources that would address unmet educational needs. Click here to join. There has been excellent collaboration between the YPAT and other SIGS such as the Clinical Imaging and Radiation Safety group on events so look out for the upcoming Artificial Intelligence meeting on 23 March 2018, the future truly is now!

Feedback from our recent meetings have been excellent with the first ever Radiographers in Research meeting drawing in delegates from all over the UK. Well done to Ms Sophia Thom, Diagnostic Radiographer and YPAT committee member, for organising this. It has already been penciled in again for next year and will likely go from strength to strength like the Future of Radiology meeting. This year a new essay prize was introduced on the topic of 'the role of the radiologist in the year 2040'. The winning essay will be published online and the winner will receive free entry to the conference where they will receive their certificate.

We also ran our first online event: Research to Publication on 20 October 2017 and this is now available on demand!

On the topic of prizes, there is still plenty of time  to submit for the BIR IEL Make it Better Award (closing date 28/02/2018).

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The YPAT SIG aims to reach out  to all student, trainees and young professionals with an interest in medical imaging and creates new and exciting initiatives and opportunities targeted at trainees' needs.  In addition, it provides important guidance and consultation to help steer the BIR's strategic planning for the future and ensure it stays fit for purpose.

We welcome application from BIR members who would like to join the Management group of this committee. To express your interest, please complete the online form here

Read about last year's event: The future of radiology in the NHS: Top topics for interview

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