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The BIR Sharing Platform is a growing library of resources created by our community of practitioners and leaders from various disciplines working together to achieve professional excellence. This active and growing platform of resources, templates, posters, presentations and more will help you to initiate and successfully complete necessary projects and tasks, leaving you with more time to invest in other areas.

Here is a small sample list of resources you can find on the BIR Sharing Platform:

  • AI for interpreting radiological images presentation - Professor Derek Hill
  • Clinical audit report template - Dr Elizabeth Loney
  • MRI Patient Safety - Rachel Watt
  • Radiation Safety – Non-Medical Referrers (NMR)- Radiation Safety Special Interest Group
  • Clinical Radiology Training Programmes - BIR Young Professionals & Trainees SIG
  • Development of a SPECT CT department - Lubla Hussein
  • How to Get into Radiology: One Trainee's Experience - BIR Young Professionals & Trainees       SIG

The BIR Young Professionals & Trainees Special Interest Group section

The BIR Young Professionals & Trainees Special Interest Group have launched a specialist section on the BIR Sharing Platform. If you are studying or in training there is an invaluable set of resources available to help you. Read more here.

Just launched an exclusive and updated guide to clinical radiology training programmes.

How to access the BIR Sharing Platform

To access this practical exclusive BIR Member benefit, simply login to MyBIR and select ‘The BIR Sharing Platform’ from the top menu. Join here if you are not already a member.

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