BJR Barclay Prize

Founded in 1952 in memory of Dr Alfred Ernest Barclay, who  bequeathed a legacy for the general purposes of the British Journal of Radiology. The Barclay Prize is awarded annually to a member or a team of workers including a member, whose contribution to the Journal has been of special merit. The subject of the contribution must be diagnostic radiology, which includes the clinical or experimental aspects, or physics relating thereto. Presentation will be at the annual BIR's President's Conference.

Award Winner for 2012

The BIR Barclay Prize was awarded to Dr Phil Shorvon.

Dr Phil Shorvan Röntgen Prize

Image: Dr Phil Shorvan with BJR Honorary Editor Dr Jane Phillips-Hughes.

Previous Winners

2011 Dr Mark Callaway 2012 Dr Phil Shorvan
2009 Dr Alan Jackson 2010 Dr Peter Guest
2007 Prof A Dixon 2006 Dr Colin Martin
2005 Dr Barry Wall 2004 Dr C J Kotre
2002/2003 Professor P Goddard 2001 Professor D M Hansell
2000 Professor Ken Miles 1999 Professor P J Ell
1998 Mr A R Cowen and FAXIL Team 1997 Dr S K Morcos
1996 Dr F A Duck 1995 Dr I Fogelman and Team
1994 Dr W Lees 1993 Dr D G Shaw
1992 Dr K Faulkner 1991 Professor I Isherwood and Team
1990 Dr A M Davies 1989 Dr W D Jeans
1988 Dr M W Merrick and Team 1987 Dr Janet Husband
1986 Professor M N Maisey and Team 1985 Dr R Ott and Team
1984 Dr P Dawson 1983 Dr C R Hill
1982 Dr K C Dewbury 1981 Dr D R White
1980 Dr H B Meire 1979 Professor B J Cremin
1978 Dr L Kreel 1977 Dr B E Kendall
1976 Professor J R Mallard 1975 Dr Fritz Starer
1974 Dr G N Hounsfield, CBE, Dr J Ambrose 1973 Dr V R McCready
1972 Dr I Kelsey Fry 1972 Dr W R Cattell
1971 Dr G A S Lloyd 1970 Professor T Sherwood
1969 Dr H M Saxton 1968 Dr F H Doyle
1967 Dr W Campbell 1966 Dr I P Williams
1965 Professor W Peter Cockshott 1964 Dr J W Laws
1963 Dr M M Schecter 1963 Dr G de Gutierrez-Mahoney
1962 No award 1961 Dr K E Jefferson
1960 Dr R Astley 1959 Dr F H Kemp
1959 Dr G Ardran 1959 Professor J Lind
1958 Dr Trevor Griffiths


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