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3rd World Congress on Radiology and Oncology 2019

Date: 8–9 April 2019

Venue: Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Theme of the Radiology and Oncology -2019 is “Practice, Research & Leadership: Weaving it all together "which covers the wide range of critically important sessions in the field of Oncology, Radiology, Cancer, and Imaging. This multidisciplinary multi-specialty oncology course will cover all aspects of cancer imaging and intervention. The objective of this meeting is to share the foremost updated knowledge on the radiology and the novel therapeutic options in Cancer treatment. We will gather academicians and young inspired scientists from all around the world involved in researchers at the cutting edge in the study of the radiology and oncology

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Royal College of Radiologists Abstract competition

Deadline: 12 April 2019

Submissions are invited for Clinical Oncology Scientific abstracts and the Audit ePoster Competition, which are held as part of RCR19.



RiiSE Logo 2019BIR Approved Logo

Date: 13 April 2019

Venue: Edinburgh

Radiological Imaging and Intervention Symposium Edinburgh (RiiSE) is a student-coordinated project which aims to raise the profile of careers in radiology and interventional radiology to UK medical students and junior doctors. Increasing dependence on diagnostic radiology services and the massive growth of minimally-invasive radiology-guided procedures has seen these specialities rise to the forefront of modern healthcare.

See our poster for more details and for abstract submission instructions! Click here to register Contact us at RiiSEConference@gmail.com with any questions.


CR Audit and quality improvement forum: Promoting patient centric radiology

Date: 7 May 2019

Venue: The Royal College of Radiologists, London

The 2019 RCR Audit & QI Forum will continue to promote maintaining quality in radiology and will include a variety of high profile speakers covering a range of topics including an update on “Getting it right first time- radiology” as well as presentation and discussion of recent and upcoming RCR national audits. The programme will appeal to all those involved and interested in radiological audit and quality improvement, including departmental audit leads.

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Advances in 3D imaging technology use in craniomaxillofacial surgery  

Advances in 3D imaging technology use in craniomaxillofacial surgery

Date: 9 May 2019

Venue: The Royal Society of Medicine

Receive the latest updates on clinical and technological advances in the field of 3D imaging and related technologies, including 4D imaging, virtual planning and augmented reality.

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Supervisor skills

Date: 14 May 2019

Venue: Horizon Leeds

The Supervisor Skills workshops are designed around the GMC’s supervisor training requirements. Those requirements include the need for all for educational and clinical supervisors to be ‘appropriately trained’ before being allocated named trainees. This workshop is for both clinical radiology and clinical oncology delegates and also covers the specific workplace-based assessments in the respective curricula. This day is aimed at clinicians embarking on a supervisory role and is suitable for consultants or final year trainees about to take on a consultant post.

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Spinal diagnosis and intervention

Date: 16 May 2019

Venue: Cavendish Conference Centre, London

This meeting is aimed at radiologists and allied health care practitioners involved in caring for patients with common spinal conditions.

The speakers are all eminent in their field and have a reputation for being both excellent presenters and entertaining.

The varied topics should provide a useful update as to what is current in the area of spinal Imaging and Intervention of relevance to the delegates area of practice.

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MSK Radiology for Trainees: The Key Principles

Date: 16 May 2019

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, London

This foundation course will provide the principles of musculoskeletal radiology and its application in common pathologies. Join us at this one day meeting presenting the fundamentals of musculoskeletal normal appearances, pitfalls, common pathologies and case presentations. The event will be divided into six case presentations each featuring lectures on a different joint.

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SERAU-ESER Joint Meeting 2019

Date: 16–17 May 2019


We are offering a programme that will include relevant topics of current interest in the field of emergency radiology covered by national and international speakers. Workshops that will count towards the European Diploma of Emergency Radiology (EDER) will also be available. This diploma aims to be a common European qualification for radiologists and is endorsed by the European Society of Radiology (ESR). We hope the congress will be a success and very beneficial for the professional development of all the attendees.

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Digital Imaging Summit 2019: Improving Radiology Reporting

Date: 17 May 2019

Venue: De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

This conference focuses on the important issue of improving radiology reporting turnaround times. The 2018 national review of radiology reporting within the NHS in England by the Care Quality Commission found huge variation in radiology reporting highlighting trusts that had backlogs of 33,400 unreported images (the oldest images had been waiting to be reported for eight months).

This conference, which includes and opening address from Dr Tony Newman-Sanders - National Clinical Director for Diagnostics, NHS England and Clinical Director, Diagnostic Imaging, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, will help you to improve the way you monitor radiology reporting turnaround times, use key performance indicators to monitor reporting times effectively, and manage and escalate backlogs.

**BIR members will receive a 20% discount**

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The Wizardry of Artificial Intelligence: AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging

Date: 17–18 May 2019

Venue: Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal

On behalf of the Champalimaud Foundation and the International Cancer Imaging Society, we would like to invite you to attend this special focus multidisciplinary meeting on the development and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Cancer Imaging.

This meeting will bring together specialists in oncology, cancer imaging, AI and ML, as well as industry members to present and discuss the issues, understand clinical needs, identify common goals and to prioritise developments.

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Spine Pain and Spinal Pain Treatments

Date: 20 May 2019  

Venue: Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Objective to review the causes of spinal pain and the treatments of spinal pain.  It will also focus on possible complications of these treatments.  There will be particular emphasis on audience participation and discussion.  Topics include: spine pain (a neurologist’s view), spine pain (a surgeon’s view), spine interventions (a physiotherapist’s view), image guided spinal intervention: what can go wrong, (a spinal injuries consultant view), facet joint treatment, vertebroplasty

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Advanced MRI and CT imaging workshop: nerves, metal and more

Date: 20–21 May 2019              

Venue:  Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Intensive course will cover various aspects of neurography and imaging around implants including technical aspects and clinical situations.  World-renowned faculty member in small groups to allow participant involvement.  Aims to equip participants with knowledge of what is currently achievable with widely available software.  Also lecture and tutorials on new developments in these areas

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Imaging of Orthopaedic Implants

Date: 21 May 2019  

Venue:  Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Objective to review the imaging of orthopaedic implants.  It will address when, why and how to image and will review specific implant and implantation-related problems in the most commonly treated joints/body areas.  The lectures will be given by radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons.  Tutorials will consolidate the contents of the lectures by discussing specific cases in depth.  A particular emphasis will be on discussion of the complex field occupying the borderlands of radiology and orthopaedics.

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SRP Annual Conference (with Exhibition)

Date: 21–23 May 2019

Venue: Scarborough Spa

SRP's Charter states the object of The Society is to 'Promote the science and art of RP and allied fields for the public benefit'. This conference intends to address this theme with presentations from speakers and posters, both invited and submitted papers, covering all aspects of RP and allied fields, examining the application and communication of the art and science of RP. In support of this, we will also be running workshops on SRP Uncertainty, Soft Skills for Communicating Risk and ALARP

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Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

Date: 21–23 May 2019

Venue: King’s College London - St Thomas' Hospital, London

We cover the basic principles of CMR, its clinical indications and role in a multi-modality imaging environment. Delegates will learn in lectures and small group sessions (teaching, cases and real-life scanning demonstration) gaining a solid understanding of when to refer a patient for Cardiovascular MRI and how to interpret CMR images and reports.

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British Society of Emergency Radiology 5th Scientific and Educational Conference Safety Systems & Performance: Excellence in Patient Care

Date: 5–6 June 2019

Venue: Durham Marriott Royal County Hotel

The 5th Annual BSER Scientific and Education Conference theme will be Safety Systems and Performance: Excellence in Patient Care. NHS austerity and a shortage of radiologists have put a strain on the system, hence having safety systems in place such as checklists and review areas help contribute to patient safety. Maintaining peak performance through stress-management, personal reflection, regular QAs and striving to continuously improve and learn further contributes to develop a robust healthcare system. We aim to address these issues and embed changes to daily practice to improve patient care. 

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IBUS 2019, Multimodality Breast Imaging Course

Date: 6–8 June 2019

Venue: Iaso Hospital, Greece

The IBUS: Multimodality Breast Imaging Course consists of an intensive three-day teaching programme with theoretical and practical topics covering all forms of breast imaging. The course is suitable for clinicians with basic and advanced knowledge, and consists of lectures, interactive case studies and practical “hands-on” workshop sessions. Topics have been selected to provide a broad information base in which breast imaging techniques, interpretation criteria and interventional procedures are integrated to reflect recent technological improvements. The “hands-on” workshops form an essential part of the course, and provide the opportunity to participate in teaching sessions with faculty members.

Further information

Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum (IRMF) (with Exhibition)

Date: 12 June 2019

Venue: The Centre, Warrington

If you would like to exhibit at this event, please email charlene.matthewman@srp-uk.org as soon as possible as places are limited.

Already exhibiting:

High Technology Sources Ltd

Mirion Technologies (Canberra)

Phoenix Dosimetry


Further information

Clinical Oncology Research day: Inspiring future academics in clinical oncology

Dates: 18–19 June 2019

Venue: Belfast

The event is principally aimed at clinical oncology trainees wishing to develop or further their academic career. This is a fantastic opportunity for trainees to meet researchers from different backgrounds at various stages of their careers. There will be a chance to network with many of the leading academics in the UK. There are 4 funded places available for Core Medical Trainees and Foundation Year Trainees at this event.

Further information

Class 7 Transport for the Small User: Hospitals & Universities (with Exhibition)

Date: 19 June 2019

Venue: Austin Court, Birmingham

If you would like to exhibit at this event, please email charlene.matthewman@srp-uk.org as soon as possible as places are limited. 

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King’s College London Course on Simultaneous PET-MR: Science and Practice 2019

Date: 19–21 June 2019

Venue: King’s College London

The first day will review either PET or MR theory separately for people with a background in the respective other modality. We will then cover the new simultaneous PET-MR scanners in terms of technology and applications. There will be lectures, one practical session with scanner visits, three interactive Active Learning sessions, a workshop and a session on reading scans together with clinicians.

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ICIS interactive Masterclass in Imaging of Pancreatic Cancer

Date: 21 June 2019

Venue: Imparando, London

Learning Objectives for this course:

  • To acquire knowledge on different cystic lesions of the pancreas, in order to be able to interpretate the different imaging findings of cystic lesions and to understand the best approach to the different lesions.

  • To learn the guidelines-based imaging criteria for pancreatic cancer staging.

  • To understand the optimal approach to imaging patients post neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for pancreatic cancer.

  • To assess treatment response, complication of treatment and detection of recurrent disease.

Further information

Royal Marsden Imaging Perspectives Course 2019 

Date: 21 June 2019

Venue: Royal College of Physicians, London

The enormous complexity of drugs and clinical trials is taking us to RECIST 1.1 and beyond. This year's course aims to outline commonly used and evolving response assessment criteria with interactive case discussion and voting pads as well as an introduction to more advanced imaging for clinical trials. This course is designed for consultant radiologists and oncologists, specialist registrars, radiographers and all professionals involved in oncology.

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Radiology of major incidents

Date: 25 June 2019

Venue: Royal College of Physicians, London

Recent terrorist attacks on UK soil have highlighted the importance of imaging casualties of major incidents. Lessons have been learnt from terrorist attacks, natural disasters, industrial accidents and from the battlefield. This learning is relevant to all radiologists who undertake acute work as they may have to conduct imaging following a major incident with little time for preparation.

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Clinical Directors day 2019 – Clinical Radiology: Innovative solutions for imaging services

Date: 28 June 2019

Venue: The Royal College of Radiologists, London

Following the success of the last Clinical Directors Day we will again be running a full day programme for all Clinical Directors exploring the challenges being faced in running an effective radiology service within the plethora of constraints services face. We have a number of speakers lined up to address this topic, but the day is intended to facilitate networking and learning from each other. Spaces are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Further information

International Cambridge Conference on Breast Cancer Imaging

Date: 2–3 July 2019

Venue: West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge

This conference is held every two years, and we are fortunate to have world renowned experts in the field of breast imaging covering a wide range of highly topical issues. As in previous years there will be an emphasis on interactive and inter-disciplinary discussion which we hope will be lively and thought provoking.

Further information

Head and neck imaging 2019

Date: 4–5 July 2019

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine

The annual conference of the British Society of Head & Neck Imaging (BSHNI) is a friendly and dynamic educational forum for radiologists and clinicians to come together to learn, review and value what head and neck imaging has to offer for better practice and care. It is a great opportunity to keep in touch and interact with colleagues from all around the country and abroad.

At this year's conference, learn from a faculty of renowned national and international speakers about topics such as Artificial intelligence in Radiology and the state of art of imaging of various head and neck diseases, with relevant anatomy and clinical management.

Further information

5th International Conference on Oncology and Research

Date: 25–26 July 2019

Venue: Rome, Italy

Oncology-2019 conference includes plenary lectures, keynote lectures and short courses by eminent personalities from around the world. In addition, we also have oral presentations and poster presentations.

This International Oncology Conference provides a platform for cancer researchers, clinicians, oncologists, academicians and young scientists from all over the world to meet, share, update and comprehend the major problems encountered in diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer. Together we can fight against the deadly cancer by creating the awareness and Oncology-2019 is the perfect platform.

Further information

11th Global Intensive Hands-On Musculoskeletal MRI & Ultrasound Congress for Radiologists

Date: 21–24 August 2019

Venue: Furama Hotel, Malaysia

This intensive hands-on congress allows radiologists to report on basic MSK MRI and perform screening and/or diagnostics ultrasound with high accuracy. Homework, together with a reporting template, will be given at the end of each day. Numerous MRI videos are specially chosen as they show the pathology that is missed in common day to day reporting resulting in low accuracies even by those who think they are already reporting 95% accurately. The congress will emphasize practical tips and pearls not found in textbooks. The demonstrators consist of well-established teachers and trainers from Asia and Europe who have done thousands of Musculoskeletal ultrasound cases for diagnosis and also interventional cases.

Further information

9th International Symposium on Physical, Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Aspects of Auger Processes

Date: 23–24 August 2019

Venue: Oxford

The meeting will address current developments in the field of Auger processes, and offers a unique opportunity for scientists working in this exciting field to present original research data, and to exchange ideas. 

Core Themes:

New emerging Auger-electron emitting radionuclides




Novel applications and future directions

Who should attend: Nuclear Medicine physicians, Physicists, Radiochemists, Radiobiologists Molecular Biologists, researchers and industry with a vested interest in the medical application of Auger electron emitting radionuclides.

Further information 

20th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 2019 (APCC 2019)

APC Banner 2019

Date: 24–26 August 2019

Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia

This multidisciplinary conference will provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills, extend your professional network and enjoy all the attractions of the culturally rich city of Melbourne. Once again the Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference will be supported by a world class international faculty bringing their depth of knowledge and experience to the Asia-Pacific region. The Program Committee invites abstract submissions in prostate cancer research and the delivery of care for prostate cancer patients for admission into the Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference Program for 2019.

Further information

Abdominal emergencies

Date: 17 September 2019

Venue: Cavendish Conference Centre, London

This study day is aimed at radiologists involved with acute CT (computed tomography) commitments, both consultants and trainees. We hope to cover the broad range of abdomino-pelvic pathologies encountered in patients who present acutely to accident and emergency, medical and surgical specialities and in the postoperative setting. The role of imaging in diagnosis and patient management will be illustrated.

Further information

19th International Cancer Imaging SocietyMeeting and Annual Teaching Course: "Cancer Imaging: The Gateway to the Best Treatment and Management of Oncological Patients"

Date: 7–9 October 2019

Venue: Verona, Italy

Abstract Deadline: 3 June 2019

Learning objectives

To improve your knowledge of:

• Cancer diagnosis

• Cancer staging

• Response assessment

• Post-procedural assessment

• Emergency / Side effects / complications of oncologic therapies

• Interventional radiology in oncologic patients

• Structured reporting

• Imaging protocols in cancer imaging

• Differential diagnosis of focal lesions

Further information

8th InterAmerican Oncology Conference

Date: 17–18 October 2019

Venue: Buenos Aires, Argentina

 A faculty of speakers from the United States and Europe has committed to participate in this meeting. The conference agenda will focus on new translational advances in the treatment of cancer as well as provide updates of conventional therapies for a number of the most common tumor types. The meeting objectives are designed to introduce the audience to the latest information on targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and emerging treatments in early development. The major emphasis will be on clinical aspects of cancer treatment in the 21st century with discussion of significant scientific advances underlying the novel approaches still in preclinical development. This meeting is the primary opportunity for practicing oncologists, hematologists, urologists, basic clinical and translational investigators, scientists and cancer related health care workers to participate in a conference focusing on novel targeted therapies and other treatment advances which are changing the face of cancer care. The presentations are translated into Spanish in real time for the attendees.

Further information

Serious Problems, Simple Solutions

Serious Problems Simple Solutions

Date: 24–26 October 2019

Venue: The Polish Baltic Philharmonic - Gdańsk, Poland

Serious Problems, Simple Solutions (SPSS) is the First International Conference on Clinical Practice in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Neonatology. This meeting will primarily focus on providing the best clinical solutions to important issues in the whole spectrum of the perinatal field, to be led by well-known specialists in the field.

Further information

ESGO 2019 Congress

Date: 2—5 November 2019

Venue: Athens, Greece

ESGO 2019 is your opportunity to learn and discuss the latest medical and scientific developments in gynaecological cancers research, treatment and care, as well as network with key opinion leaders and peers from around the world.

Further information

Managing the trainee in difficulty

Date: 11 November 2019

Venue: University of York, York

Jointly delivered with Practitioner Performance Advice (formerly NCAS) these workshops are designed for those who deal first-hand with trainee performance concerns – such as clinical and educational supervisors, College Tutors, Training Programme Directors.

Further information

Twins 2019

Twins 2019

Date: 28–30 November 2019

Venue: The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care – CUHK, China

The upcoming Twins Congress 2019—The Joint 5th World Congress on Twin Pregnancy: A Global Perspective & The 17th Congress of the International Society Twin Studies (ISTS)—aims to establish the proper medical care and management of twin pregnancy.

Further information

Skin Meeting

Date: 9 December 2019

Venue: The Royal College of Radiologists, London

Aimed at Consultants and trainees in oncology, dermatology and plastic surgery, this meeting will bring together national experts to provide delegates with an update on the evolving and current treatment strategies in the management of malignant melanoma and non-melanomatous skin cancers (NMSC).

Further information

3rd RSSA/SASPI Paediatric Imaging Congress, South Africa

Date: 6–9 February 2020

Venue: Maslow Hotel, Sandton, South Africa

This congress will focus on Paediatric Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal Imaging. The Faculty consists of 9 internationally renowned Paediatric Radiologists. The selected topics will give insight and guidelines into the management of both common and challenging conditions encountered. Participants are invited to submit original abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations by Friday 8 November 2019. Only online submissions will be accepted.

Further information

Electrical requirements for the electrical installation of medical radiological equipment

The course will consider the radiological aspects of the 2017 DH guidance “HTM06-01 Electrical services supply and distribution”. The new guidance has been re-structured and is more clearly split into two major policies – business risk and patient risk.  The requirements of this document need to be understood when a new radiology room is purchased especially that from now on, electrical installations compliance management will now be measured under the NHS Performance Assessment Model (PAM).

The course is for experienced project managers, medical and x-ray engineers and focuses on the relevant points for medical radiological installations.  There is a summary session at the beginning of the course that other healthcare staff may wish to attend in order to attain a brief overview of the new document.  This summary session would be aimed at radiographers and medical physics experts who are involved with medical radiological equipment purchasing and commissioning, and will explain the new policies and gives reference to the relevant sections of the guidance.

This short course is intended to be run at the customer’s site at their convenience.  

For further information please visit: http://medical-locations.co.uk/

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