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The Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group (SIG) advises the BIR on all matters relating to magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

The SIG also provides comment and advice regarding regulatory and research developments relating to MRI.

MR SIG 30.9.2015


Some of the Management Group members (Pictured, from left to right - Geoff Charles Edwards, Owen Arthurs, Paola Griffiths, Shonit Punwani, Martin Graves (Chair) and Scott Reid)

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Latest SIG News

The SIG welcomed two new members, Dr Matthew Clemence, a senior clinical scientist from Philips Healthcare, and Dr Mark Radon, a neuroradiologist from the Walton Centre in LIverpool.

  • The BIR UK MRI Course took place 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2018. The event went well and received much positive feedback. This event has been running for several years and the SIG will be looking at refreshing the format for 2019 and beyond - watch out for more information.

Coming up:

  • The SIG are planning a repeat of the successful event on Non-Accidental Injury they ran a few years ago. This is scheduled to take place on 6 February 2019. 
  • Martin Graves is presenting at the 2018 ISMRM/SMRT Meeting in Paris 16-21st June 2018
    • "A Brief History of Pulse Sequences" on Saturday 16th June at 14:10
    • Image Acquisition & Reconstruction Part 2 course on "Flow and Velocity Imaging" 10.00am Sunday 17th June


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Guidance and Updates




Events of interest
Events of interest

Next events:

Whole Body MRI 17 January 2019 (details available soon)

Non-Accidental Injury 6 February 2019 (details available soon)


On-demand webinars

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