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The Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group (SIG) advises the BIR on all matters relating to magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

The SIG also provides comment and advice regarding regulatory and research developments relating to MRI.

MR SIG 30.9.2015


Some of the Management Group members (Pictured, from left to right - Geoff Charles Edwards, Owen Arthurs, Paola Griffiths, Shonit Punwani, Martin Graves (Chair) and Scott Reid.

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Removal of intravenous forms of gadodiamide (Omniscan) and gadopentetic acid (iv Magnevist)

The MHRA have published details of the suspension of licences for gadodiamide (Omniscan) and intravenous gadopentetic acid (also known as gadopentetate dimegulumine; Magnevist), taking effect from 1 February 2018.  Further restrictions have been applied to other linear Gadolinium-containing contrast agents.

This update is in response to a European-level scientific review of gadolinium retention in the brain and other tissues.  Currently, there is no evidence of harm due to gadolinium retention in the brain, although the data are limited.

Full details can be found at the following link, which also links to the MHRA’s Central Alerting System message to healthcare professionals.

Latest SIG News

Highlights from the MR Management Group meeting September 2017

Dr Martin Graves officially took over as Chair at the meeting. Read an interview with Martin here.

The SIG have a vacancy for a radiologist – if you are interested and would like to be involved, please contact the BIR on

Other highlights from the meeting:

  • MRI Standardisation in Whole Body DWI– consensus document –is now available online here.
  • Meeting on Cardiac MR was held on 17th June - 35 delegates attended this event which received excellent feedback – here are some of the comments: 'Excellent day with great speakers'; 'Useful update on common CMR problems'; 'Very well balanced course covered most relevant areas of CMR'; 'Excellent study day'.

Coming up:

  • Listen to Alan Bainbridge’s podcast on the MR Safety week 24-29 July 2017.
  • Professional guidance for the new Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (CEMFAW )– currently being written by Alan Bainbridge and Stephen Keevil Watch out for more details. In the meantime – check out our MR Risk Assessments

EMF - Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (CEMFAW) 2016





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