BIR Magnetic Resonance

The Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group (SIG) advises the BIR on all matters relating to magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

The SIG also provides comment and advice regarding regulatory and research developments relating to MRI.

MR SIG 30.9.2015


Some of the Management Group members (Pictured, from left to right - Geoff Charles Edwards, Owen Arthurs, Paola Griffiths, Shonit Punwani (Chair), Martin Graves and Scott Reid.

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Latest SIG News

Highlights from the Management Group meeting June 2017

Dr Shonit Punwani announced that he would be standing down as Chair by the end of 2017 and the group thanked him for his contribution and leadership. We are delighted to advise that Vice Chair Dr Martin Graves will be taking over this role in the coming months.

Other highlights from the meeting:

  • They talked about their upcoming meetings: Cardiac MR on 17th June and the annual BIR UK MRI Course taking place in January 2018
  • Alan Bainbridge had provided some updates to the generic risk assessments.
  • MR Safety Training Working Party (with IPEM) has produced an outline for a set of modules for an MR safety e-learning package. Further developments will be reported in due course.
  • MR planning and acceptance of new MRI installations Working Party – this new WP had just been set up to provide guidance with input from the relevant stakeholders.
  • Standardisation of whole body diffusion weighted imaging in MRI – in collaboration with IPEM, a consensus meeting took place at the BIR in April 2016. A document on the findings is currently being edited and, subject to peer review, will be published in BJR.
  • The BIR have recorded a number of podcasts which are available: Of particular interest to this SIG would be Alan Bainbridge’s podcast on the MR Safety week 24-29 July 2017.


EMF - Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (CEMFAW) 2016

The BIR’s MR Safety Working Party has developed generic risk assessments to help employers assess exposure to electromagnetic fields and then assess the resulting risks to their staff. These will need to be adapted to suit local circumstances, and some contain options which individual MRI facilities will need to choose between. The MR Safety Working Party includes representatives from BIR, IPEM, RCR, SCoR, BARMMR, ISMRM, as well as representatives from HSE, MHRA and PHE.  Go to the link for more information and the risk assessments.




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