Professor Sir Muir Gray to deliver BIR/Toshiba Mayneord Lecture

Sir Muir GrayThe winner of the BIR/Toshiba Mayneord Award, Professor Sir Muir Gray, will be delivering the opening plenary lecture of UKRC on Monday 29 June at 10:15. The lecture is entitled “From Quality to Value—population and personalised imaging”.

Here, Professor Sir Muir Gray is interviewed about himself, his career and his reflections on the past and the future:


1. You will be delivering the BIR/Toshiba Mayneord Lecture at UKRC in Liverpool this June. Given that your lecture is called “From Quality to Value—population and personalised imaging”, what three pieces of advice would you give to a trainee, physicist or radiographer entering the profession? 

  • Always think of the culture of your organisation not just its structure
  • Remember if you waste resources other patients suffer
  • See everything through the patient’s eyes.


2. What does “better value” in healthcare actually mean for the patient?

 It means that the intervention has helped the problem that is bothering them most, which may not be their diagnosis.
3. What do you believe will be the key developments in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging developing in the next five years?

  •  Programme budgeting
  • Concern about over imaging
  • Imaging staff held to account for value as well as quality.

4. My proudest achievement is…
Three pages in the Daily Mail, advising their readers that doctors use less healthcare because they know all care does harm as well as good.
5. Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
Ludwig Wittgenstein; language creates reality, it doesn’t just describe it.
6. What is the best part of your job?
Meeting clinicians.
7. If you could go back 20 years and meet your former self, what advice would you give to yourself?
Never give advice.
8. What keeps you awake at night? 

9.  When it’s 2050, what will we say is the best innovation of the 21st century in healthcare?


Programme budgeting, so that clinicians have to take responsibility for the stewardship of the carbon and financial resources.

10. What might we be surprised to know about you?
You never would believe that I have written a book calledSod 70!I am the next face of L’Oreal after Helen Mirren…

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About Professor Sir Muir Gray

Professor Gray is a Consultant in Public Health, Oxford University Hospitals Trust, and Director of Better Value Healthcare Ltd. In his NHS role he is involved in supporting leadership and management development in Oxfordshire. He is also the consultant in public health in the Digital Health and Social Care Service. He has been working with both NHS England and Public Health England to bring about a transformation of care with the aim of increasing value for both populations and individuals.



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