BIR and Philips launch two new awards

BIR is delighted to announce that Philips Healthcare are sponsoring two new annual awards in conjunction with BIR for students and trainees.

The BIR/Philips Trainee Award for Excellence is a chance to showcase your work and aims to foster the development of multidisciplinary educational resources by, and for, trainees. Entrants are in with the chance of winning £750 to be shared between the successful team.

Applications will be accepted from individuals or from groups of two or more, where at least two members of the group come from different disciplines. They are invited to submit an educational resource, in electronic format, that can be made available via the BIR website to its multidisciplinary trainee membership. More information at BIR/Philips Award for Excellence

Seen a training event you'd like to attend but can't find the funds to pay for it? The BIR Student Travel Bursary provides financial aid to attend a relevant training event and is open to BIR student members including medical students, radiography students, physics students and others, for example student nurses who have an interest in this field. The award will be presented at next year’s BIR President’s Conference, in April.  The winner will receive a bursary of up to two hundred pounds together with a certificate. Visit Philips Student Travel Bursary




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