Philips and Wye Valley NHS Trust tackle COVID back-log

18 October 2021

 Philips and Wye Valley NHS Trust tackle COVID back-log

Philips and Wye Valley Trust have finished a major radiology service redevelopment programme for people living in Herefordshire. By significantly increasing imaging capacity and working together with Philips through a Managed Services Partnership, the Wye Valley Trust has been able to reduce its diagnostic backlog caused by pressures from COVID-19, while also resuming normal capacity and service for 190,000 people living in the area.

The £2 million radiology service redevelopment significantly increases the Wye Valley Trust’s imaging capacity and helped to increase patient throughput between 10-15%.

These outcomes were part of an eleven-year Managed Service Partnership that Philips agreed with the Wye Valley Trust in 2018 to drive excellence across the radiology service and improve clinical outcomes for patients in the area. The redevelopment project was completed in stages to ensure continuity of service, with additional services introduced including MRI and a dedicated interventional suite, which were critical in helping to restore normal diagnostic capabilities. 


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