BIR Röntgen Prize

The Röntgen Prize

Founded in 1924 in memory of Professor W C Röntgen, this prize is awarded annually to a member or a team of workers including a member, whose contribution to the British Journal of Radiology has been of special merit. The subject of the contribution must be related to radiotherapy, radiobiology or physics. Presentation will be at the annual BIR's President's Conference .


Award Winner for 2012

The Röntgen Prize was presented to Professor Alastair Munro.

 Previous Winners

2011 Dr J F Hainfeld & Team 2010 Dr Peter Mountford
2009 Dr Roger Harrison 2008 No Award
2007 No award 2006 Dr Edwin Aird
2005 Dr Peter Hoskin 2004 Professor P Williams and Team (Manchester)
2003 Professor M Saunders 2001 Dr Peter Blake
2000 No award 1999 Dr M Rezvani
1998 No award 1997 Dr B Jones
1996 Dr M E Robbins 1995 Dr S Klevenhagen
1994 No award 1993 Professor S C Lillicrap
1992 Dr N J McNally 1991 Dr T Wheldon and Team
1990 Dr P M Plowman and Team 1989 Dr T D Bates
1988 Dr R G Gale 1987 Professor W Duncan and Team
1986 Professor N M Bleehan and Team 1985 Dr J W Hopewell
1984 Professor R Sealy 1983 Dr S B Field
1982 Dr J H Hendry 1981 Professor D M Taylor
1980 Dr S Dische 1979 Dr Juliana Denekamp
1978 Dr D Greene 1977 Professor C A F Joslin
1976 Dr E Hall 1975 Dr H Hewitt
1974 Dr N G Trott 1973 Dr M Cohen
1972 Dr J L Haybittle 1971 Mrs Shirley Hornsey
1970 Dr R J Berry 1969 Dr Churchill-Davidson
1968 Dr D K Bewley 1967 Dr R Oliver
1966 Dr T E Burlin 1965 Professor J F Fowler
1964 Dr A Jones 1963 Dr R J Greening
1962 No award 1961 No award
1960 No award 1959 No award
1958 Dr P R J Burch 1957 Dr M Lederman
1956 Dr L A W Kemp 1955 Dr J W D Bull
1954 No award 1953 Professor H E Johns
1952 No award 1951 Dr D Sutton
1950 Dr L F Lamerton, Professor F W Spiers 1949 Dr M C Tod
1948 Dr John Read 1947 Dr E P Allen
1946 Dr C W Wilson 1945 Brigadier D B McGrigor, OBE, Dr E Samuel
1944 Mr W J Meredith, Dr G J Neary 1943 Dr P Kerley
1942 Dr A Glucksmann 1941 Dr E Rohan Williams
1940 Dr D E Lea 1939 Dr E W Twining
1938 Dr L H Gray 1937 Dr M H Jupe
1936 No award 1935 Dr J F Brailsford
1934 Dr T E Allibone 1933 Mr V W Mayneord
1933 Dr J J N Jacobson 1932 Dr A Muller
1930 Dr F G Spear 1929 Mr G E Bell
1928 Dr R G Canti 1927 No award
1926 Professor E A Owen 1925 Dr Robert Knox
1924 Mr L H Clark


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