IADMFR 2023 Congress



Below are a series of IADMFR 2023 Congress recordings which are free to view by IADMFR members:

Webinar - Latin America - President: Matheus Lima De Oliveira, Keynote Speaker: Deborah Freitas

Webinar - North America - President: William Scarfe, Keynote Speaker: Donald Tyndall

Webinar - Europe - President: Benjamin Salmon, Keynote Speaker: Francesca Mangione

Webinar - Middle East -
Presidents: Silvina Friedlander, Ibrahim Nasseh, Nora Saïf, Dorra Chaabouni, Keynote Speakers:  Chen Nadler, Ragda Abdalla-Aslan, Ahmad Rabah, Pierre Lahoud, Nora Saïf, Dorra Chaabouni

Webinar - Africa - President: Claudia Noffke, Keynote Speakers: Jimmy Volmink, Zarah Jakoob, Chane Smit

Webinar - Asia - President: Gang Li, Keynote Speakers: Min-Suk Heo, Hu Wang

Webinar - Australasia -
President: Gavin Chapeikin, Keynote Speaker: Rudolf Boeddinghaus

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