Radiation Safety

"One of the best radiation safety training courses I have seen".

Daniel Gebretensae, CS Radiation Protection Manager, Siemens Healthineers.


“It’s really well put together, logical and entertaining, the narration, text, images and videos makes it very engaging and accessible”.

Elly Castellano, Consultant Medical Physicist


"If I were a practice educator I would strongly consider it as part of the preceptorship process and I would wholly recommend it as an option for both academic and clinical staff".

Nicola Cook, Associate Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging, University of Derby


Dose: Practice and principles of optimisation and safety

"Really good, well presented with a good range of teaching aids".

Lucy Hossen, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Royal Brompton Hospital

"Easy to listen to, easy to use and easy to understand."

Liz Benson, Clinical Scientist

"A very useful refresher for radiographers, radiologists and clinicians as well. Highly recommended."

Bassey Ndiyo,  Radiography Doctoral Researcher, University of Exeter


PET-CT Essentials

"Good mix of styles i.e. switching between diagrams and people talking."

Course delegate


"Easy to understand and follow."

Course delegate

"Flows well, short segment allows for recap and break."

Course delegate

MRI Essentials

“Really enjoyed it, refreshed my knowledge and expanded it on some areas.”

Course delegate

“Interesting and well presented, managed to portray a lot of information without dragging.”

Course delegate

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish - even with a baby it is so easy to jump out then in again and pick things where you left off."

Course delegate

“I found the course interesting and covered up to date material.”

Course delegate

 Effective communication with your patient in imaging and therapy

“This would be ideal for an induction session or for students or new members to the department.”

Course delegate

“Really insightful and useful tips to remember when treating patients of different identities and different disabilities."

Course delegate

“The course was educative and refreshed my mind with regards to communication with patients.”

Course delegate

“Good chance to learn how to interact with different patient groups particularly transgender/gender diverse patients.”

Course delegate


“Great course, expanded my knowledge and will definitely improve my practice.”

Course delegate

“Excellent course, so practical and real to my day to day at work. most employees will benefit from the course.”

Course delegate

“A worthwhile course especially in terms of understanding and reflecting on communication with immobile, autistic, paediatric, anxious and transgender patients and the overall animatic depiction made this course content easier to comprehend.”

Course delegate

“Great course, easy to follow and would definitely recommend.”

Course delegate


CT Essentials

“Overall, it is very good and I would recommend the course to less experienced or non-static CT band 6 staff within my own department. The interviewees added expert knowledge and I like the BIR style drawings”

Natalie Gartland, Imaging services manager, Royal Brompton


 “I think that the course offers high-quality education and is aimed at the right level. The expert interviews are engaging and come across very well.”

Elly Castellano, Principal Physicist (Diagnostic Radiology), Royal Marsden


“The content is excellent, and pitched at the right level for the intended audience”

David Platten, Medical Physics Expert, Principal Physicist, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust


“The course was enjoyable, informative and well put together. I particularly liked the graphics and images that were used to explain and embellish the narrative script. The material was broken down well into appropriate sections. The narration was clear and easy to listen to and at a good pace to allow active engagement with the material”

Gareth Iball, Associate Professor of Diagnostic Radiography (Medical Physics), University of Bradford





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