Mr Andy Rogers

Andy Rogers 2016

Andy Rogers is President of the BIR (2016-2018) and Head of Radiation Physics at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. He was Chair of the BIR's Radiation Protection Special Interest Group for too many years but has finally been given time off for good behaviour! He represents the BIR on various external bodies such as the working group that advises the HSE on the EU Basic Safety Standards and the UK Working Group on Radiation Safety Culture in Medicine, and was until recently a member of the HRA Guardian Group for radiation governance in research. He represents the UK [and BIR] on the international standards organisation IEC and was involved in the recent standard published to define what patient dose data x-ray equipment should be able to export along with currently working with IEC to revise the standard on interventional x-ray equipment. He is also a member of an ICRP working group drafting a report on Diagnostic Reference Levels. His current research interests are observer studies in radiology/cardiology and skin dose assessment in interventional radiology and cardiology.


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