BIR Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging

The BIR Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging SIG is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated and passionate nuclear medicine physicians, radionNMMIuclide radiologists, radiologists, radiographers clinical scientists/physicists, radiopharmacists, and clinical practitioners. 

Specialists within the disciplines, such as clinical radionuclide imaging, and molecular radiotherapy, education & research are also represented in the group.

The SIG promotes and facilitates teaching and research in nuclear medicine and molecular Imaging. The committee regularly organises scientific meetings to meet the educational needs of medical imaging professionals (from trainees through to consultants).

Within the BIR, the group advises the BIR council on matters or documents relating to radionuclide imaging (conventional and hybrid imaging) and radionuclide therapies.  In addition, it advises on documents from other professional bodies. 

Management group members


Pictured from left: Vicki Parkin, Dan McGowan, Cherry Sit, Amy Eccles, Connor Ferris, Allison Craig, Shaunak Navalkissoor (Chair) and Glafkos Havariyoun.


Latest  SIG News

The BIR endorse the guidance written by the British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) on scientific support for nuclear medicine.  This document highlights the vitally important role of clinical scientists in the nuclear medicine workforce.  The guidelines are available at: Support for NuclearMedicine Report March 2016

Highlights from the November 2016 meeting

We are very happy to welcome some new members to the SIG!

In this meeting, we looked at how our SIG can continue to contribute to BIR’s expanding collection of resources. We have lined up some international speakers who will be contributing to BIR’s popular webinar programme. There was a brain-storming session to discuss what topics we may be able to contribute in future BIR publications. Our unique case posters series will continue, and we would like to attract more submissions. Our response to the upcoming NICE guidelines regarding neuroendocrine tumours has also been submitted, and is expected to be published in July 2017.

We are looking forward to our planned events, especially the Annual SPECT/CT Meeting next year. This meeting(9-10 February 2017) has been extended to 2 days with interactive elements added to the second day of this popular event.

Other planned education events include:

  • Advances in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (Multi-SIG event), 17 November 2016
  • Theranostics Study Day, Late 2017
  • Dementia Imaging, 2018
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging in Prostate Cancer, 2018

There was also discussion of possible involvement with other SIGs on joint events, and contribution to other conferences e.g. UKRC.

The management group’s biographies have also recently been updated for other members to know us better.







Events and activities

Upcoming events:

Why Dr Gnanasegaran joined the BIR
Why Dr Gnanasegaran joined the BIR

"The BIR is a fantastic organisation which encourages members to bring out their best talents.  It's a great place for interaction and networking and it provides an excellent platform to share your experience and expertise."

Dr Gopi Gnanasegaran
Consultant Physician in Nuclear Medicine
Guys and St Thomas' Hospital

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