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Updated 3 July 2020

Here are some links to resources for professionals during the COVID-19 outbreak. This page will be updated regularly and updates to this page will be sent via email.

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Strategies in place to beat the next stage of the Coronavirus

A paper by Dr M J Sangwaiya and Dr S Redla 


Peter Openshaw BSI Photo

Immunopathogenesis of COVID-19

On-demand webinar recorded on 1 May 2020

Professor Peter Openshaw




Mary Roddie

Extra thoracic manifestations of COVID-19

On-demand webinar recorded on 1 May 2020

Dr Mary Roddie



Simon & Sujal Screenshot

Thoracic Imaging: COVID-imaging challenges and insights

On-demand webinar recorded on 1 May 2020

 Professor Simon Padley and Professor Sujal Desai




Virtual eventCOVID-19: The impact on radiology practice

On-demand webinar, recorded on Friday 3 April 2020

This virtual event offers the latest information and reflections on COVID-19, presented by Consultant Radiologists Dr Sri Redla, Dr Mary Roddie, Dr Nick Screaton and Dr Nick Woznitza, Consultant Radiographer. Also, Consultant Chest Physician Dr Muhammed Anwar.

How do NHS employees get a test for COVID-19?

CV19 Test For NHS Staff 30-04-20_compressed

Guidance for patients with unexpected findings suggestive of coronavirus infection on imaging

Guidance from Addenbrookes hospital for patients who have unexpected findings suggestive of coronavirus. May be used as template, please note local telephone numbers have been removed - please insert relevant local contact details.

Patient info suspected COVID



Podcast from PonderMed: Dr Sam Hare on COVID-19

 Sam Hare

Dr Sam Hare, Consultant Radiologist from the Royal Free hospital discusses CXR vs CT for COVID-19 and a pertinent discussion about the crucial role of the radiographer and PPE.

BMJ article: Managing high clinical suspicion COVID-19 inpatients with negative RT-PCR: a pragmatic and limited role for thoracic CT

Incidental evidence of possible COVID-19 in CT patients







Public Health England patient information self isolation advice

PHE logo





Position statement: Accumulating radioactive waste that you cannot transfer because of COVID-19 

This COVID-19 RPS explains when you can accumulate radioactive waste above the limits in your permit and for longer than your permit allows because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. 

Position statement: Exceeding permit limits because of COVID-19 when radioactive substances are used in medicine

This COVID-19 RPS explains when you can exceed the numerical limits in your permit for the radioactive material kept and used on site and the radioactive waste accumulated and disposed of because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


COVID-19 Advice Sheets

COVID Advice Sheet 1

If you have not had the chance to watch Dr Mary Roddie's webinar, Epidemiology of COVID-19 and grading of CXR changes, we have created two handy COVID-19 advice sheets with specific cases and examples from the presentation. The first advice sheet shows COVID-19: CXR examples. The second advice sheet shows examples using gradings according to The British Society of Thoracic Imaging (BSTI) reporting templates for use in COVID-19: CXR reporting.






COVID-19 journal articles

Publish COVID-19 Research Twitter Facebook Image _compressedngJournal articles that help our community better understand and deal with COVID-19 will be fast tracked through the peer review and production stages and published open access with all publication charges waived so they are freely available to all readers.

If you have an article for submission to BJR, BJR|Case reports or  BJR|Open please visit


Staying present, the what, who and how of mindfulness

On-demand webinar, recorded on Tuesday 31 March 2020

Ideal for all imaging professionals in these challenging times. Explore the technique of mindfulness to combat stress in the workplace and at home. Free to all.


TMC Academy

Covid-19 I

TMC Academy has produced two COVID-19 Reporting Modules, which are completely free for radiologists and medical professionals worldwide. The modules contain 5 real-life cases and a corresponding structured reporting template prepared by an expert mentor, based on the BSTI guidelines. All modules are designed to help radiologists comprehensively identify the imaging findings associated with Covid-19 and will each offer 2 CME credits.



Covid-19 Reporting Modules 

TMC Academy has produced two COVID-19 Reporting Modules, which are completely free for radiologists and medical professionals worldwide. The modules contain 5 real-life cases and a corresponding structured reporting template prepared by an expert mentor, based on the BSTI guidelines. All modules are designed to help radiologists comprehensively identify the imaging findings associated with Covid-19 and will each offer 2 CME credits.


The British Society of Thoracic Imaging

COVID-19 BSTI Imaging Database

The British Society of Thoracic Imaging (BSTI), in conjunction with Cimar UK’s Imaging Cloud Technology (, have designed, built and deployed a simple, free to use, anonymised and encrypted online portal to upload and refer imaging of patients with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19. From these cases, BSTI hope to provide an imaging database of known UK patient examples for reference and teaching. The aim is to rapidly disseminate breaking clinical and diagnostic advice to frontline healthcare nationally, using real imaging examples encountered across the country.

BSTI Reporting Templates

Standardised imaging criteria may help guide management in COVID19. Use these templates to help with speed and accuracy. Customise and place into voice recognition templates if required.

Other useful resources


The Royal College of Radiologists

RCR Logo _compressed

Information for radiologists and clinical oncologists, exam news and discussion forums (for members)

Cancer treatment documents and advice about treatment interruptions

Head and Neck cancer and COVID-19

Skin Melanoma and COVID-19


Society and College of Radiographers

Guidance to restart elective screening services (6 May 2020)

Information on COVID-19 information and resources

Information on contact with infected patients, information for sonographers, guidance on sick leave and time off to look after dependants.


Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

COVID-19 policy and advice notes


The British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS)

BNMS guidance for COVID-19 recovery phase (1 May 2020)

Guidance for infection control in nuclear medicine settings


Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) 

e-Learning for Health logoFree, open access to COVID-19 e-learning programme for the entire UK health and care workforce (no need to register)

The programme includes key materials to help the health and care workforce respond to Coronavirus.


COVID-19 e-Learning for radiographers

Heath Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has worked with the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) and the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS) to develop new e-learning for radiographers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The free online resources provide training and advice for radiographers carrying out mobile chest X-rays of patients suspected to have Coronavirus. Topics covered include minimising risk using PPE and infection control, how to safely use mobile equipment, optimising image quality, radiation protection and how to assess and evaluate radiographs. Effective communication is also discussed along with support available for emotional wellbeing.





e-Learning for Healthcare external resources directory
HEE’s Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team has received offers of support from a range of organisations and commercial suppliers to support the workforce in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
The resources are considered to be complementary to the central provision of the education and training resources provided through the e-LfH Hub’s COVID-19 programme.

HEE TEL’s content review group reviewed and collated the resources into a directory for the wider system to access. It is recommended the resources are reviewed and quality assured locally before being used to ensure they meet the need



RSNA Coronavirus Case Collection 
New peer-reviewed cases of COVID-19 are being published each week. Radiologists can view cases from around the world to better understand disease progression over time and cases with varying degrees of severity. This critical resource for COVID-19 is available free of charge. Visit this important resource and share with your colleagues.

RSNA best practices for radiology departments during COVID-19

RSNA useful education and resources

Access vital resources for radiologists to support early detection, prompt treatment and effective public health containment of COVID-19.

RSNA research and links to journal articles on COVID-19


American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS)

AJR COVID-19 collection of articles

To support the global radiology community, an AJR COVID-19 Collection has been created. All articles published in AJR regarding COVID-19 have been made available online, open access in this collection. Content will be added as it becomes available.


John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Useful information, basics, webinars, news and information as well as a Coronavirus Map detailing statistics from around the world                                                     






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