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The Clinical Intelligence and Informatics SIG is a stimulating forum for everyone working with and setting up information systems supporting radiological diagnostic or therapeutic practices. One of the aims is to explore how data can be better harnessed to improve clinical outcomes.

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(Pictured from left Alex Peck, Kevin Tucker, Amandeep Sandu, Andrew Reilly, Matt Dunn and Vijay Jayaram)

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Latest SIG News – October 2017

A strategy review is currently underway at the BIR with a drive to launch more online education. The membership is growing steadily and we are also looking to expand international membership.

There has been collaboration between the Clinical Intelligence, Clinical Imaging and YPAT and other SIG to organise the upcoming Artificial Intelligence meeting on 23 March 2017. The excellent  programme will include talks by Dr Nicola Strickland and Dr Hugh Harvey.  IBM Watson and other industry representatives will present the current state of play in the development of artificial intelligence.

You can also watch the webinar on Machine learning for the quantitative analysis of medical images – presented by Clinical Intelligence and Informatics SIG member, Dr Rajarshi Banerjee and Dr Timor Kadir. Authored by Alex Peck, Communications Lead for the group and other members of the BIR Clinical Intelligence and Informatics SIG, this text provides the foundations of knowledge in Informatics, a topic crucial to the safe and efficient provision of modern-day imaging services. The book helps those working in imaging departments to understand, use and develop the technologies underpinning clinical practice to deliver improved patient care. 

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