Frank Ellis Memorial Lecture

First presented at the Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in 2005 (celebrating the 100th birthday of Dr Frank Ellis in October of that year). Following a legacy from the Estate of Dr Frank Ellis, the lecture was created in 2007 and was delivered at UKRO jointly with the BIR. The Ellis lecturer is nominated jointly by the Presidents of the RCR and the BIR, following nomination by Officers. A medal is awarded.

In 2015 the final commemorative lecture was delivered at the UK Radiation Oncology Congress (UKRO) in Coventry, by Professor Jeff Michalski, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. The subject of the lecture was on how imaging has evolved and affected the delivery of radiotherapy.

Frank Ellis 2015Professor Michalski (centre) was presented with the Frank Ellis medal by Professor Andy Beavis of the British Institute of Radiology (left) and Professor Roger Taylor, RCR Vice President, Clinical Oncology (right)





List of past Lecturers:




Dr Gillie McKenna


Dr Ian Tannock


Professor Jack Fowler


No lecture given


Dr Eric Hall

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