BIR Trainee Award for Excellence

Please note that this award is not availale for 2018-2019

This is an annual prize designed to encourage trainees and students to expand their learning.

This prize is awarded to the best trainee collaborative effort for a poster or PowerPoint presentation, paper, MCQ questions or a digital resource (DVD or podcast). Applications will be accepted from groups of two or more trainees.

Announcing the 2017 winner

This has been awarded to Dr Sergio Gargalas and Dr Sarim Ather from Oxford University Hospitals. The award is for their innovative resource ‘Acute Stroke CT Trainer’ that utilises the concept of spaced repetition and pattern recognition to increase the accuracy and efficiency of recognising subtle stroke signs.  The award was presented at the annual trainee event on 11th December 2017.

 Previous Winners: Click to access the winning resources

2016   Dr Joshua Shur

2015   Dr Mark Rodrigues, Dr Zeshan Qureshi and team 

2013   Dr Cheryl Main and team: "Medical Student Workbook"

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