Membership terms and conditions

1. Membership Applications and Payments

1.1 Individual applications for membership may be submitted online, by phone or by paper form.

1.2 By submitting an application form online, by phone or by email the member is deemed to have signed the application form.

1.3 The BIR reserves the right to re-grade an individual membership to a more appropriate level if the relevant information pertaining to the membership has not been received, or is proved to be inaccurate. Members will be informed of the re-grade and asked if they would like to continue with the application.

1.4 All information provided on the membership application must be true and accurate at the point of application. Individual members should notify the BIR of changes of job, contact details and training information which may affect their grading and subscription.

1.5 International applicants may apply for international membership which offers a discount according to regional location It is the responsibility of the applicant to declare their location when prompted to do so, otherwise the full amount may be charged.

1.6 Full-time UK-based students and trainees based in the UK and EIRE are eligible for student and trainee membership respectively up to their training end-date. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide complete and accurate information about their training. The BIR reserves the right to check the details provided with the applicant’s course provider. 

1.7 Members opting to pay for their annual subscription in a 12 monthly direct debit payment plan are agreeing to pay the full annual fee at the point at which the subscription is purchased or renewed. If a direct debit has failed or a member has cancelled their direct debit before the completion of the subscription payment without prior agreement with the BIR, the membership will be suspended until payment is received. Upon failure to make payment, subsequent re-instatement of the membership or any future application for memberships will be subject to the outstanding membership fees.

2. Membership renewals and cancellations

2.1 Membership is annual from the point of joining. UK members will need to set up a direct debit mandate when they join online and payment for renewals will be deducted automatically on the subscription renewal date.

 2.2 Subscription payments not received within three months of becoming due will result in the membership being lapsed and all benefits will be suspended during that time pending payment. However, the membership charge will remain on the account for four months in total until resignation is received in writing as outlined below. 

2.3 All trainee and student memberships will automatically upgrade to the appropriate membership plan according to the training end date provided to us by the member.  It is the responsibility of the member to notify the BIR in writing if their training has continued and request a continuation of the trainee / student membership.

2.4 To cancel a membership you will need to notify us in writing either by letter or email.  Refunds will be issued to cancellations which have been applied for within 21 days of the payment date, with the exception of direct debit payments for which the direct debit guarantee applies.   

3. Membership Benefits

3.1 It is the individual member’s responsibility to keep their Members’ Area logon credentials confidential. The BIR reserves the right to withdraw membership or to prevent a member renewing if the member is misusing the membership benefits (for example allowing someone else to use the benefits of their membership package).


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