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One of the many advantages of your BIR membership is an annual complimentary subscription to HealthManagement – The Journal (print and online) and to the dedicated online portal. As a BIR member you will receive automatically receive a quarterly email with access to the online version and an opportunity to sign up for the print copy too.




Dedicated to promoting management, leadership, best practice and cross-collaboration in healthcare, is a digital powerhouse uniting five specialist platforms Healthcare IT Management, Cardiology Management, Imaging Management, EXEC and ICU Management into one where experts and practitioners from all these areas meet to share their expertise. Receiving 1.2 million visits per year, the web portal also serves as a top healthcare news platform giving voice to comprehensive information related to clinical practice, hospital administration, latest research, technology advances, major practice challenges and valuable management tips in its dedicated channel highlight e-newsletters. 

Published four times a year and having a circulation of 60,000+ copies, the printed publication with the same name, Journal, approaches key topics of management, healthcare governance, quality and safety, patient power, and best practice.  Enjoying free distribution at major healthcare events worldwide, it spreads the word on new technologies, techniques and challenges faced by professionals today. Placing the patient at its forefront, the journal aims to enhance the decision-making process in healthcare delivery.Including 40,000+ articles in its online library, HM also serves as Europe’s top leadership and best practice forum exploring hot topics in today’s clinical delivery with a remarkable faculty membership from about 50 countries.






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