Committee members

Committee members

Professor (Dr) Sanjay Gandhi (Chair)

Sanjay Gandhi

Professor Sanjay Gandhi is Research and Innovation Lead for Core Clinical Service at North Bristol NHS Trust, which is the largest teaching NHS trust in South West England. Since 1998, he has been teaching trainees from the University of Bristol and the University of West of England. As an Honorary Professor, he also teaches students and faculty at two Commonwealth Universities.  Dr Gandhi has Co-authored and Edited 8 award-winning medical textbooks and developed several teaching Apps. Professor Gandhi has published several research papers and Editorials on the use of high-tech medicine to improve patient care. Professor Gandhi’s affiliation with the British Institute of Radiology dates back to 1999. He is a frequently invited Keynote speaker and moderator at prestigious international conferences. In his 30 years’ career spanning over the UK, Indian and the USA healthcare sectors, Professor Sanjay Gandhi has won several outstanding achievement awards for his extensive contributions to the Healthcare Innovations and Higher Education. Times TV Network honoured him as a ‘Global Academic Icon’ and the British Medical Association (BMA) as a ‘Highly Commended Editor’.

Committee Members

  • Mr Scott Hanvey, Senior Principal Clinical Scientist, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trus
  • Mr Peter Sharpe, Chief Executive, Cobalt Health
  • Dr Mark Thornton, Consultant Radiologist, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Dr John Spillane, Radiology Registrar, Bristol Royal Infirmary

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