Radiation Protection for Cardiology Elearning

The ‘Radiation Protection for Cardiology’ e-learning course has been developed by the British Institute of Radiology in collaboration with representatives from the Royal College of Physicians’ Specialist Advisory Committee in Cardiology, scientists involved in the delivery of radiation protection courses for cardiologists (Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester), clinicians, radiographers and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare.


What is it?

An online training course on radiation protection.The course specifically addresses the requirements of the Training Curriculum in Cardiology, in particular the need for trainee cardiologists to have completed a course on the Ionising Radiation [Medical Exposure] Regulations (IR[ME]R). Experienced cardiologists will find the material useful as a refresher or a means of demonstrating continuing education.


What does it comprise?

The course consists of six 30-minute sessions, namely:

  • Principles of Ionising Radiation
  • Factors Affecting Radiation Dose
  • Patient Safety Regulations
  • Staff Safety Regulations
  • Alternative Imaging Modalities
  • Use of Contrast Agents

The course is highly interactive and includes examples and photographs taken from the working environment. An assessment is included at the end of each session and a certificate is issued on completion of the course.


Why participate in this?

This training is compulsory for any practitioner engaged in the use of ionising radiation

The material is tailored to the needs of cardiologists with practical examples drawn from the cardiac catheter laboratory. Later sessions also explore other imaging techniques that may be relevant to cardiologists (e.g. CT, MR and ultrasound) and provide an introduction to topics such as the use of nuclear medicine in specialised cardiology training.

The project is now live and available to access:



If you have any queries or are facing difficulties accessing the e-training course, please contact sarah.adibi@bir.org.uk

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