BIR approval for external events

BIR external event approval iconThe BIR approval scheme determines that an educational activity meets a strict set of standards established and approved by the BIR’s accreditation committee with criteria relating to content, learning outcomes, teaching methods, and experience and skills of the presenters to deliver the content. This ensures that processes are in place to seek feedback on quality and educational value.

These standards apply to all internal BIR educational activities and are now offered to external organisations who would also wish to seek BIR approval of their educational activities.

Guidance notes for organisers wishing to seek BIR approval for their educational activities

The BIR welcomes applications from event organisers seeking BIR approval. Events which meet criteria set by our Accreditation Committee and are subsequently approved by the BIR are automatically included on our website, once the organiser has supplied the BIR with the required details (these are included on the application form).

BIR approved events may use the BIR’s approval logo in their supporting promotional material and on their programme/attendance certificates.

Approval Criteria
Approval demonstrates that the event or learning activity meets the BIR’s required criteria for CPD. It is awarded by the BIR Accreditation Committee. The BIR will accept applications for approval in relation to a variety of educational activities including study days, seminars, workshops, courses, webinars, online programmes etc. The educational content should be relevant to the professional interests of the multidisciplinary membership of the BIR and related to radiology, radiation oncology and the associated radiation/imaging sciences.

The BIR approval process checks that an event meets the following criteria:

  • The content of this event is relevant to the CPD of BIR members
  • The event’s learning outcomes are clearly defined and aligned to reflect the overall aim(s) of  the event
  • The teaching /delivery methods are appropriate to the learning outcomes
  • The presenters / facilitators have relevant experience to deliver the event
  • The event includes a valid process for assessing the intended learning, where appropriate
  • The event includes a process for seeking delegate feedback on the quality and educational value of the event

How to apply
There is an application system for event organisers wishing to receive BIR approval for their event, and the completed application form, supporting materials and appropriate fee should be submitted at least eight weeks ahead of an event taking place.

Download the application form here. Completed forms and application queries should be sent  to the Head of Education at

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for event approval?
Any event organiser or provider that runs educational or scientific events for the development of healthcare professionals and allied industry partners working in the field of or supporting the role of radiology, radiation oncology and the underlying sciences can apply for BIR approval.

Is there a fee for BIR approval?
There is a fee for each application, depending on the type of educational activity and the organisation and whether the organisation making the application is a BIR member:

Approval of short courses (longer than one day)

NHS, education institutions, charities and not-for-profit organisations £300 per event
Commercial organisation £600 per event
BIR corporate members £450 per event
For on-going approval of subsequent deliveries of the same course £50 per event

Approval of one-day events

NHS, education institutions, charities and not-for-profit organisations £150 per event
Commercial organisation £300 per event
BIR corporate members £225 per event
For on-going approval of subsequent deliveries of the same course £50 per event

NB: All fees are subject to VAT

Fees for bespoke multiple approvals, for small tutorial/lunchtime lecture type events, webinars, etc. can be discussed – please contact the Head of Education at

Payment of a fee does not imply that BIR approval is guaranteed; if a course does not meet BIR criteria the approval will not be awarded. However, feedback will be provided along with an indication of what is required should an organiser wish to resubmit their application, for which there would be no further fee. as this is still deemed to be part of the original application process. We recommend that you complete the amendments and resubmit the relevant documentation to us within 4 weeks.

When does the fee have to be paid?
The application fee is payable at the same time as submission of an application for event approval.

What does the review process consist of?
All applications for approval will undergo review by a panel appointed by the BIR Accreditation Committee using the above criteria to ensure that the event or materials are a valuable education resource.

Once the reviewers have completed their evaluation and submitted their report, we will inform you of the outcome of the review, either ‘approved’, ‘approve with conditions’ or ‘not approved’.
For ‘approve with conditions’, and ‘not approved’ we will provide feedback to either identify further information required for clarification or for resubmission. In either case no further fee is required.

Will approved events be publicised?
Details of all approved activities will be listed on the BIR website.

May I use the BIR approval logo?
BIR approval entitles you to use the BIR Approved logo on publicity materials and attendance certificates, but this is strictly limited to use in documentation relating to named activities that have received BIR approval. The logo may be used in any position on the front page of publicity materials and attendance certificates, please forward a draft of these materials for approval.

The responsibility lies with the organiser of the activity to ensure that the BIR approval refers to the educational activity and not the individual delegates, attendees or organisation i.e. the BIR is approving educational materials or activities not individuals.

How long is the approval valid for?
BIR approval is given for one delivery of an event or course; for all subsequent occurrences of the same event or course on-going BIR approval must be obtained which involves confirmation by the provider that there are no changes to the event or course and submission of delegate feedback on the previous event or course. This format of rolling approval will apply for up to two years from the date of the first approval. After two years a new full application will be required.

Please note that if any aspect of the event or course has changed the BIR reserves the right to request a full resubmission of the approval application, or to seek further information regarding specific changes before a decision can be made.

Any materials distributed to delegates/participants must comply with legal requirements and state that copyright and permission has been obtained, where necessary.

All materials submitted to the BIR as part of the application process will be treated as confidential and not discussed / disclosed to any third party who is not involved in the approval process. Intellectual property remains with the submitting organisation.

Details of BIR reviewers involved in the approval process will not be disclosed to applicants.

For further information
Please contact the Head of Education via e-mail:  or phone: 020 3668 2220


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