BIR Magnetic Resonance

The Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group (SIG) advises the BIR on all matters relating to magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

The SIG also provides comment and advice regarding regulatory and research developments relating to MRI.

MR SIG 30.9.2015


Some of the Management Group members (Pictured, from left to right - Geoff Charles Edwards, Owen Arthurs, Paola Griffiths, Shonit Punwani (Chair), Martin Graves and Scott Reid.

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Latest SIG News

EMF - Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations (CEMFAW) 2016

The BIR’s MR Safety Working Party has developed generic risk assessments to help employers assess exposure to electromagnetic fields and then assess the resulting risks to their staff. These will need to be adapted to suit local circumstances, and some contain options which individual MRI facilities will need to choose between. The MR Safety Working Party includes representatives from BIR, IPEM, RCR, SCoR, BARMMR, ISMRM, as well as representatives from HSE, MHRA and PHE.  Go to the link for more information and the risk assessments.

Highlights from the Management Group meeting September 2016

In this meeting, we outlined the on-going work of the SIG with input from several liaison personnel. We continue to review MRI safety issues, with the EU PAD generic risk assessment awaiting feedback after it has been presented to BAMMR on 1 October 2016.

The Radiation Protection User Group has published a booklet and video for PPE for diagnostic X-ray use, and we made plans for working towards publishing an MRI equivalent booklet and video, perhaps to include a Clinicians guide to MRI referrals. An MRI safety booklet for July 2017 will be planned to coincide with the MRI Safety Week

Several new proposals for future meetings were made, including an advanced MRI Physics Study day for Radiologists and Physicists, whole body Diffusion day, as well as up-coming courses already planned, including the Prostate MRI event on 17 November 2016, the BIR MRI Course January 2017, and Cardiac MRI meeting on 6th June 2017.



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