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This page contains links to Podcasts - sound recordings on radiology and allied topics, narrated by leading practitioners. They can be listened to on the web site or downloaded for offline listening. You can subscribe to our podcasts using the links above and then receive automatic notification of each new episode.

"Postercasts" combine podcasts with pdf posters. Just like our podcasts, these can be used on and offline.


Podcasts from BIR's SPECT/CT 2017 event

  • SPECT/CT in infection by Dr John Buscombe
    • Abstract
      The talk summarises the agents which can be used in infection imaging using SPECT/CT and how these can be applied in clinical practice with reference to published evidence and guidelines as appropriate. It also looks at the role of SPECT/CT compared to PET/CT
  • Image registration and reconstruction by Mr John Dickson
    • Abstract
      Many people looking at SPECT images are blinded to the methodology used to produce the tomographic data, while those people who perform reconstruction are offered a bewildering array of choices. It is important to understand the benefits and limitations of the method chosen.
  • Quantitative SPECT/CT available software solutions by Dr Lefteris Liveratos
    • Abstract
      Recent developments in radionuclide imaging, such as advanced image reconstruction and the advent of widespread hybrid imaging, have enabled accurate quantification in SPECT. However, despite numerous methodological advances towards image based quantification, the ‘culture’ to enable its use in clinical applications has only recently started to change.
  • Common artefacts in CT and SPECT/CT Mr Bruce Walmsley
    • Abstract
      Image artefacts arise from a number of different sources. They can be an artefact arising in the CT imaging phase or they may be generated during the process of combining information from both the CT and the SPECT study.
  • SPECT/CT tips in patient positioning and image acquisition by Mr Enrique Sunga
    • Abstract
      SPECT/CT is a breakthrough in the field of diagnostic imaging. It maybe a complicated procedure in such a way that it does not only depend on the high end machines available but also on how it is performed. The success of the study is a combined effort contributed by the patient, machine and the operator(technologist).

Podcast: Radiographer reporting

Nigel Thomas    Interview with Professor Nigel Thomas

Professor Nigel Thomas is a Consultant Radiologist and an Honorary Professor at the University of Salford. In this interview, he makes the case for radiographer reporting as an effective means to tackle the many unreported backlog of images in radiology departments in the UK. 


Podcasts: The future of radiology

Nicola Strickland  Challenges for future radiologists by Dr Nicola Strickland

Dr Nicola Strickland is the President of Royal College of Radiologists and Consultant Radiologist at Imperial College Heathcare NHS Trust. Here she talks about the challenges for trainees as they enter their career as radiologists.

Ian Francis   Interview with Dr Ian Francis  

Dr Ian Francis is the Education Development Lead of Specialty Training Board at Royal College of Radiologists. He is a Consultant Radiologist and Clinical Lead for Strategy at QVH NHS Foundation Trust. In this interview, he talks about about his own experiences as a radiologist and his best piece of advice to young radiology professionals.

Nassim   Interview with Dr Nassim Parvizi

Dr Nassim Parvizi is an Academic Clinical Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Radiology at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. In this interview, she talked to us about her experiences as a trainee radiologist and the benefits of joining our trainee events.

Josh Shur   Interview with Dr Joshua Shur

Dr Joshua Shur is a Specialist Registrar at St George's Hospital London and winner of the BIR/Phillips Excellence Award for trainees in 2016. In this interview, he talks about what inspired him in his project as well as his reflections on the benefits of being a member of the BIR.

David wilson   Interview with Dr David Wilson

Dr David Wilson is a Consultant Radiologist at St Luke’s Hospital and former President of the BIR. In this interview, he talks about his experience as a radiologist and his best piece of advice to young radiology professionals.

Professor Eliot Siegel Q and A at Annual Congress 2016 podcast Professor Eliot Siegel audio Q&A at the Annual Congress 2016

Professor Eliot Siegel, Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, University of Maryland Medical Centre, USA.


Podcast: Radiation safety for children

Donald Frush   Exclusive Interview with Professor Donald Frush 

Dr Donald P. Frush is a Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics, faculty member of the Medical Physics Graduate Program, Radiology and Chief of the Division of Pediatric Radiology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. In this interview, he talked to us about the "Image Gently", the campaign to promote radiation protection for children worldwide.

Postercasts - 2016 Annual Congress

Postercasts - 2014 Annual Congress

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